Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Abandoned Door Series

This is a catalog photojournalism project I have been doing for a couple weeks now.  Going around Vermont, New York, and Massachusetts, I looked for abandoned doorways to photograph.  With signs of rust, graffiti, and broken windows, the doors have an interesting and artistic look to them, which interests me.  In total, I photographed about 30 doorways, and plan to do more in the future.

A scratched and broken boarded up door is locked multiple times on Railroad Avenue in Oneonta, New York.

The front doorway of Otsego Iron & Metal factory in Oneonta, New York stands boarded up and locked.

A yellow doorway with broken windowpanes and rusted hinges is found at the Otsego Iron & Metal factory in Oneonta, New York at 50 Rose Avenue.  The business specializes in making many different guardrails.

An old, boarded up door is overgrown with tree branches and weeds behind Main Street in Oneonta, New York.

A white door in an alleyway off Main Street in Oneonta, New York is covered with graffiti.

Sand bags lay in front of an unused door to a power room on 5th street in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

Abandoned doorways in Vermont, New York, and Massachusetts show signs of deteriorating, rust and graffiti.  Groups shared ideas in Oneonta, New York about decreasing housing issues Tuesday, February 6th at a three-hour meeting at Center Street Elementary School.  Decreasing the number of deteriorating, vacant, and abandoned houses was one of the topics addressed.